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SINAMICS V90, with PROFINET Input voltage: 380-480 V 3 A -15%/+10% 6.6 A 45-66 Hz Output voltage: 0 – Input 5.3 A 0-330 Hz Motor: 1.5/1.75 kW Degree of protection: IP20 Size B, 100x180x220 (WxHxD)

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Tagged as: 3 Phase, 5.3A, V90, 415 VAC, 1.75kW

SINAMICS V90, WITH PROFINET INPUT: 3AC 380-480V -15%/+10% 6.6A 45-66HZ OUTPUT: 0-INPUT V 5.3A 0-330HZ MOTOR:1.5/1.75KW PROTECTION: IP20 FRAME SIZE B, 100X180X220(WXHXD)

Low intertia for high dynamic performance Electronic assemply Converting/printing industry Packaging industry Meterial handling machinery High inertia for smooth operational performance Metal forming machinery Converting/printing industry Packaging industry Meterial handling machinery

The performance-optimized, user-friendly servo drive system comprises a SINAMICS V90 servo drive and a SIMOTICS S-1FL6 servomotor. Different frame sizes and motor shaft heights cover a wide range of applications for operation on single- and three-phase line supplies. There are eight servo drive frame sizes and seven motor shaft heights with power ratings ranging from 0.05 to 7.0 kW, to realize a wide range of applications, with the focus on dynamic motion and processing – for example positioning, transporting and winding. In addition to operation in the TIA Portal V14 with the new SIMATIC S7-1500 T-CPU Advanced Controller, the servo drive system is also suitable for use with the SIMATIC S7-1500 Advanced Controller and the SIMATIC S7-1200 Basic Controller.

Benefits Cost-effective - many integrated functions to reduce machine costs Integrated control modes Pulse train input position control mode (PTI), internal position control mode (IPos) with traversing block or Modbus, speed control mode and torque control are all integrated in the SINAMICS V90. The drive has various integrated control modes to address a wide range of applications. Integrated PROFINET – the industrial Ethernet standard for automation SINAMICS V90 PROFINET version features a PROFINET interface, enabling real-time transmission of user/process data and diagnostic data with a single cable. This solution offers wide-ranging functions with reduced complexity. Integrated positioning function Positioning function is integrated in the drive. Target positions and respective speeds can be stored in the drive during commissioning or changed via communication. Absolute or relative positioning Rotary or linear axes Referencing in the drive Point-to-point positioning possible using a PLC without positioning functionality. Integrated braking resistor for all frame sizes All frame sizes have an integrated braking resistor to dissipate the regenerative power for fast braking. Most applications can be realized without an additional braking resistor. Integrated holding brake switch (SINAMICS V90, 400 V version) Integrated holding brake switch – the brake can be directly connected to the drive if a motor with holding brake is used. Holding brake can be connected without requiring an external relay (only for SINAMICS V90, 400 V version). Easy to use - Simple tuning and quick commissioning Easy servo tuning and machine optimization The system can be automatically optimized using the auto tuning function and automatic suppression of machine resonances. Simply plug & play, no in-depth servo know-how required.